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Frequently Asked Questions

What are architectural plans?

An architectural plan is a plan for architecture, and the documentation of written and graphic descriptions of the architectural elements of a building project including sketches, drawings and details.

What is architectural coating?

architectural coating. A coating which is usually intended for on-site application of interior and/or exterior surfaces of buildings.

What is an architectural standard?

Architectural standards (aka “architectural guidelines, “design standards,” etc.) set forth an association’s policies and procedures regulating a homeowner’s ability to make architectural improvements and modifications to the homeowner’s separate interest, as well as to common area and exclusive use common area.

What is Granite design?

Granite Uses In Interior Design Granites are commonly known as the best kitchen countertop material with its durability, seamless design, unlimited color and pattern options, and its scratchproof, heatproof, waterproof, and stain-proof nature. With all that qualities, they excel as a building material that brings out the life in any interior design.

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