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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the main characters in Doom works?

In which Ni-ki is a human boy who's friends with the personifications of Life, Love, Death, Doom, Chaos, and Curiosity. Just me putting my fantasies about the Slayer and his steel-barrelled-sword-of-can't-walk-straight-the-next-day in writing, if you're into that sorta thing.

Are there any survivors from the Doom game?

No bodies or survivors were ever found. The year is 2149, and the UAC holds dominion as the undisputed superpower in the Solar System, leader in the fields of energy, aerospace, and defense. Their crowning achievement, Argent Power, has revolutionized physics and brought clean renewable energy to a world in crisis. But that is about to change.

What happens at the end of Doom 64?

A Demonic Invasion occurs barely a month into the job and you team up with the infamous Marine to survive. Will the two of you make it out alive and realize your feelings for each other? Doom 64. novelized. The entire thing, Demon to demon, Level to level, Linedef to linedef, Visplane to visplane. (Only hardcore Doom fans get that joke) watch out!

What's the name of the AI in Doom?

Hayden is still an arrogant, egotistical fool, but maybe his facility AI isn't so bad after all. And maybe VEGA is something more than just the facility’s artificial intelligence, maybe he’s something much greater, something much more alive- though, the Slayer doesn’t really have time to think about that right now.

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