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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Internet Archive's Archive-It?

Since 2006, Internet Archive’s Archive-it has provided web archiving services to over 800 organizations in over 24 countries, including libraries, cultural memory and research institutions, social impact and community groups, and educational and open knowledge initiatives.

How can ArchiveIt help you?

“ArchiveIT assisted us with our box storage, scanning, and shredding. They helped us with our digital transformation and we now save over $500.00 a month by eliminating box storage. We also were able to remove and recycle no longer needed filing cabinets.

What is archarchiveit's papercast?

ArchiveIT has joined forces with PaperCast, the next-generation of document management platforms. It leverages cutting-edge AI to help you easily file and organize documents and has built-in proprietary features like word cloud generation and full text search.

Why choose ArchiveIt escrow?

California Escrow is regulated by the Department of Business Oversight and there are a lot of regulations to adhere to, along with big fines if not in compliance; no thank you. We wanted a partner that we could trust. The bottom line, ArchiveIT met and exceeded our expectations and provided a frictionless transformation to a digital archive."

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