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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ladybug in miraculous ladybugs?

Sabine had noticed how off her daughters behavior has been lately, especially towards a certain classmate of hers. With the support of her loved ones, her new therapist, and friends, Marinette is ready to make the necessary changes in her life that she desperately needs....especially when it comes to her personal life and feelings towards Adrien.

Is there a Miraculous Ladybug College AU fanfiction?

A Miraculous Ladybug college au fanfiction. When Chat Noir slowly loses control over his powers and becomes unable to turn back to Adrien, he starts to avoid Ladybug and spend his evenings with his friend Marrinette. Of course Ladybug notices that something is wrong with Chat Noir, but the only way to help him is by revealing their identities.

What was Jason's mission in Miraculous Ladybug works?

Jason has just one more mission for Talia, but when he finds out who it is he has to fight, he makes a new plan. But fate, and Marinette, have plans of their own.

What did Ladybug tell Chat Noir about Alya?

Ladybug tells Chat Noir she has revealed her identity to Alya. They can trust her – she’s Ladybug’s civilian best friend, after all. The thing is, Chat Noir also knows Alya in his civilian life. He knows who she is close to.

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