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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of stone do stone golems come from?

Stone golems are slow and steady constructs typically carved from marble or granite. They’re often made to serve as works of art when at rest, so some golem crafters employ master sculptors to ensure the constructs make beautiful statues.

Can a golem be an ally or a foe?

A golem's unique animating force leaves it susceptible to certain forms of magic, but apart from these few weaknesses, it is impervious to magic and difficult to damage with weapons. Golems work best in play as foes to vanquish rather than allies to accompany player characters on adventures.

What happens when you hit an alchemical golem?

Alchemical Rupture When an alchemical golem takes physical damage from a critical hit or is affected by a shatter spell, one glass chamber within its body shatters, spewing alchemical liquid in a 5-foot emanation.

What's the best way to animate a golem?

There exist two known methods of animating a golem. The traditional method involves harvesting and implanting an elemental soul or essence within the newly crafted host statue, a procedure seen as vile and blasphemous to those who value the sanctity of the soul; evil or amoral golem crafters tend to prefer this method.

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