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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of welder does Harbor Freight use?

Started out with a Lincoln "Tombstone" 225 amp stick then with the advent of personal Mig welders got a $2000 Snap On Mig with gas, etc. Later on as my scope of repairs slowed down I picked up a Century 70amp Flux Core Mig, very good for the price @ Quality Farm & Fleet.

Is the Harbor Freight 170amp MiG a good welder?

I have friends that have the Harbor Freight 170amp mig- they swear by it-if you are just a weekend welder, flux core is OK. If you want cleaner welds- get one with Gas. (Except outdoors in the breeze). My advice- for the money you have- Harbor Freight is hard to beat- get a warranty- and understand its limits and you will be Happy!-

Is the MiG 140 a wire feed welder?

The TITANIUMâ„¢ MIG 140 Professional Welder is a versatile wire feed welder with easy-to-use controls for trouble-free welding. The heavy duty all-metal drive system easily feeds solid and flux core wire and can be set up without tools. The MIG 140 Professional Welder is spool-gun ready for welding aluminum (spool gun sold separately).

Can a HF MIG welder get the job done?

Pretty reassuring that the HF Mig welders can get the job done in a pinch I guess. For the video, go to YouTube and search fo "Ultimate Budget Welding setup", link removed due to language violation. I have the 90 amp. The only good thing to say is that it is very portable because it operates on 115 volts.

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