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Frequently Asked Questions

When do the Argos catalogues come out in stores?

Argos Catalogues Issue Year Season 41 1994 Spring/Summer 42 1994 Autumn/Winter 43 1995 Spring/Summer 44 1995 Autumn/Winter 40 more rows ...

What makes Argos so unique in the UK?

It is unique in the UK due to its ‘order and wait’ in-store shopping format, but for many UK residents it was its 6 monthly catalogue that really got us excited. In the run up to Christmas I would get the latest Argos catalogue and literally pour over it for hours and days just working out what toys and games I would like to get that year.

Is the Argos advert on TV 2019?

The catalogue is the main focus for the retailer's 2019 Christmas advertising campaign. While the chunky magazine has been popular in many households for the past 46 years, it hasn't featured in the Argos television advertisements for the past decade.

What are the new toys from Argos for kids?

New LEGO® Ideas Winnie the Pooh! Heavy duty vacuuming without the heavy lifting. Dyson Outsize Absolute, Cordless in a bigger format. For quicker intelligent cleaning. Google Wifi. Wi-Fi that just works. The latest top rated products as chosen by you.

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