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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arizona a good state?

Arizona is home to some 6.5 million people. Even though the state often gets a bad rap because of our crazy Governor, Sheriff, and our hot summers, we still have one of the best states in the country! 1. Let's be honest, we have one of the coolest state flags

Is Arizona a blue state?

Adopted in 1915, Arizona's official state colors are blue and gold. The blue on the lower half of the Arizona flag is the same "Liberty Blue" found on the U.S. flag.

Why is Arizona the Copper State?

The Copper State. Producing more copper than any other state in the union, the Copper State is an apt nickname for Arizona. This nickname is reinforced by the copper star that is at the center of the Arizona State Flag.

How many votes does Arizona have?

Thus, Arizona has a total of 11 Representatives in Washington, D.C. Therefore, the answer to the question "How many electoral votes does Arizona have?" is 11.

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