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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ark a good game?

Ark is an amazing game. It is really fun with many people. If your parents restrict online play or talking with mics its not that fun unless you are playing singlepalyer. In multiplayer solo is not that good in my mind and it is recommended if you play with other people.

Is Ark a free game?

Play ARK: Survival Evolved For Free Right Now. If you haven't tried out survival game ARK: Survival Evolved just yet, this weekend is a good opportunity. The PC/Mac/Linux game is free-to-play through Steam for the full weekend. In an interesting twist, you can actually earn free copies of ARK while playing.

What are the cheats for Ark?

The most popular kind of cheat for ARK: Survival Evolved would be the aimbot and the map hack. Aimbots, as the name implies automatically aim not only your guns and bows, melee weapons, but also your dinosaurs and other mounts.

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