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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Army National Guard G1 portal?

If you are looking for army national guard g1 portal, simply check out our links below : 1 1. Soldier Self Service – HRC – 2 2. Army Soldier Records Branch – ASRB – HRC – 3 3.… 4 4. National Guard > About the Guard > Army National Guard … 5 5.

How does the Georgia Army National Guard promotion process work?

Guidance for Georgia Army National Guard (GAARNG) Human Resource Actions Branch State Boards process. The state boards conducted are the Career Management Board (CMB). The CMB produces an order of Merit List for CPTs and above who meet TIG by the end of the calendar year to be considered for promotion for their next higher grade.

What is MRDP in the Georgia Army National Guard?

The Medical Retention Determination Point (MRDP) program is designed to process Georgia Army National Guard Soldiers who have reached their clinical MRDP for discharge or have been temporarily profiled for more than 365 days, meeting administrative MRDP in accordance with AR 40-501, Para 3-1.

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