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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Arrium limited go into voluntary administration?

The company, as Arrium Limited, accumulated huge debts and in 2015 it announced a full-year loss of AUD 1.9 billion In April 2016, Arrium's directors placed the company into voluntary administration.

Why was the Arrium merger delayed in Australia?

However, concerns by competition regulator, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), delayed the process, as did concerns by construction industry trade unions about possible job losses. The merger was completed in 2007.

Who are the former directors of Arrium steel?

A former director of collapsed steel maker Arrium could face a compulsory examination by class action lawyers who are preparing a case against the failed steel mill operator, its directors and its advisers including auditor KPMG and financial adviser UBS.

What kind of steel does Arrium make in Australia?

The division manufactured long steel products, structural pipe and tube, and wire products in Australia; it distributed structural steel and reinforcing products in Australia through about 200 sites and supplied scrap metal to foundries, smelters and steel mills in Australia and internationally. ^ Medhora, Shalailah (8 April 2016).

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