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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the stock price of Arrium in 2014?

In September 2014, when its share price was $0.60, Arrium announced a $754 million capital raising. The capital raising price was $0.48 and, on the first day of trading after the announcement, there were 37,582,199 shares short sold and the share price collapsed to 40c.

Why are the shares of Arrium Ltd suspended?

Junior iron ore miner and steelmaker Arrium Ltd (ASX: ARI) has officially entered into voluntary administration, ending an extended period… Arrium Ltd shares suspended: Is this the end for the miner? Embattled iron ore miner and steelmaker Arrium Ltd (ASX: ARI) has suspended its shares from trading today, extending on the…

What kind of Business is Arrium in UK?

The business is likely to be pitched as a play on the infrastructure construction market with steel from the GFG Alliance network used to build motorways, railways and the like across the country. GFG Alliance is another offshore company which has done exceedingly well from its corporate incursion Downunder.

Is it legal to short sell Arrium stock?

In themselves, the short-selling, the over-charging by fee-takers and clandestine corporate dealings surrounding Arrium Ltd may be legal but they amount to a gouging of creditors and shareholders. Arrium has its roots in BHP (the Big Australian) and was “spun off” in the 1990’s as OneSteel at the same time as rival steelmaker Bluescope.

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