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Frequently Asked Questions

What is arsenic and can it harm you?

Arsenic is a natural metalloid chemical that may be present in groundwater. Ingestion only poses health problems if a dangerous amount of arsenic enters the body. Then, it can lead to cancer, liver ...

What foods are high in arsenic?

The highest levels of arsenic (in all forms) in foods can be found in seafood, rice, rice cereal (and other rice products), mushrooms, and poultry, although many other foods can contain low levels of arsenic.

What happens if you consume arsenic?

Complications linked to long-term arsenic consumption include: cancer. liver disease. diabetes. nervous system complications, such as loss of sensation in the limbs and hearing problems. digestive difficulties.

What does arsenic not react well with?

Arsenic does not react with water in the absence of air under normal conditions. Reaction of arsenic with the halogens. Arsenic reacts with fluorine, F 2, to form the gas pentafluoride arsenic(V) fluoride.

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