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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of artesian?

Definition of artesian.: involving, relating to, or supplied by the upward movement of water under hydrostatic pressure in rocks or unconsolidated material beneath the earth's surface artesian spring artesian water artesian pressure-distinguished from subartesian.

What causes an artesian well?

The aquifer is a geologic layer of porous rock such as sandstone. Water builds up in this area between impermeable rocks, like clay which causes pressure to build. When an artesian well is drilled, water will force its way through to the surface once the aquifer is punctured resulting in an upward flow of water.

How does an artesian well form?

Artesian wells form when water flows through a permeable rock from a higher area to the area of the well. Artesian wells produce water flow without any additional pumping because of the water pressure in the rock, so they require a layer of impermeable rock beneath the permeable rock to block the flow downward.

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