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Frequently Asked Questions

What is written in Article 2?

Article II of the Constitution sets forth the definition and terms of the Executive Branch of Government in the United States of America. The Executive Branch of any governmental structure is the one most likely to become powerful, thanks to the nature of executive power.

What is Article 2 about?

Article II of the Constitution was an attempt to help define executive powers without letting them overrun the Government. It was aimed at both establishing the nature and election procedures for the Executive Branch, while also ensuring that there were some limits to the powers of that Executive Branch.

What is Article 2 known as?

2 Article II Article II is known as the Executive Article because it established the presidency. Article II established the following powers: a. command the armed forces b. make treaties c. approve or veto acts of Congress d. send and receive diplomatic representatives e.

What is described in Article 2?

Article two (2) of the Constitution describes the powers of the President of the United States. This states that he holds the said position for four years together with the Vice President. In section two, it states that the President is the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy, and of the militia of several states.

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