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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for a good Asp X Explorer build?

In optional internals you 100% must have a detailed surface scanner, an advanced discovery scanner, and the best fuel scoop you can buy. I take a smaller grade shield, auto field maintenance, and a vehicle bay. This is probably a good Asp X explorer build. You could get an Anaconda and basically follow the same build but it'll cost more.

Is the ASP explorer worth it?

The Asp Explorer has a high jump range relative to other ships in the game and thus is quite good for use as an exploration ship. It has six weapon hardpoints and has a good turning radius for its size which makes the Asp good for more than just exploration.

How long does it take to get a 62+ ly ASP explorer?

In as little as 30 hours of gameplay, you can have a 62+ LY Asp Explorer and be ready to explore the beautiful galaxy of Elite Dangerous. Elite Dangerous Graphic Settings FULLY Explained!

How good are the thrusters on the Asp X?

The Asp X dose not have the best breaks in the game. Having better thrusters can save your life out there on planets. I'm just heading home for a tour to Colonia in a Type-10 (i know, i know. why the Type-10 of all ships.....) But i have 7A Thrusters and it saved my life a few times on planets where i had to pull a suicide burn.

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