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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open an aspx file?

You can open any ASPX file using your web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. The file extension ASPX can be opened on a Windows-based or Mac PC by clicking on File on the main toolbar of your browser. Once you click on File, choose Open from the drop-down menu.

What opens an aspx file?

Sometimes, the aspx files can be opened and edited with text editor. If you have free software such as Notepad++, you can open and edit the aspx files in it. Microsoft’s Visual Studio is another free program that allows you to open and edit an aspx file. Adobe Dreamweaver can also open and edit an apsx file.

Are ASPX files safe?

The code behind files and raw aspx files are protected from being retrieved by the web server, so as long as you control console and file share access to the server you are relatively safe. Still, it is not considered really safe.

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