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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a degree in Business Administration?

A business administration degree prepares students to accept careers requiring excellent communication skills and the ability to direct others. Career choices range from department store managers to city managers; from administrative executives to public relations specialists.

Is Business Administration a good degree?

A business administration degree may be a good choice for individuals who plan to work in the field of business. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration usually complete four years of full time study at a college or university, but the time frame could change because of a few factors.

How do I become a business administrator?

Some people who want to be business administrators may choose to go beyond a Bachelor's degree and get an advanced degree. Most will choose to get a Master's degree in business administration, also known as an MBA.

What are some careers in Business Administration?

Other Jobs. Other careers suitable for a bachelor's degree in business administration include in finance as a financial planner, financial analyst or financial adviser. Marketing and advertising careers include jobs as a marketing manager, marketing analyst, graphic designer and account executive.

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