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Frequently Asked Questions

What can associates in Family Medicine DO FOR YOU?

We specialize in providing personalized care for the entire pregnancy, from the first prenatal visit to the hospital delivery. Associates in Family Medicine also offers a number of additional services, including but not limited to gynecology procedures, dermatology, osteopathy, and mammography and digital imaging.

Where do I go for family medical care?

Caring for newborns, infants, children, and adolescents is an important part of providing comprehensive family medical care. All of our neighborhood clinics provide full pediatric services. Our physicians visit newborns and new parents in Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins and Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland.

What does family medicine mean in urgent care?

The practice of family medicine includes pursuing ongoing education and training in health promotion and maintenance, disease prevention, counseling, patient education, and diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. For immediate care without an appointment, AFM Urgent Care clinics provide a convenient solution.

Who is Doreen at family medicine associates of Northridge?

Doreen, therapist, is available for consultation sessions for smoking cessation, weight loss, panic attacks and other concerns. Many braces, splints and supports can be provided by our staff of physicians for conditions such as carpal tunnel, back and knee pain, and osteoarthritis.

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