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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OD training?

Definition and meaning. Organizational development , also known as OD, has a number of meanings. It may refer to a planned and systematic approach to improving the effectiveness of a company, government department or any organization - one that aligns strategy, individuals and processes. It includes the practice of planned, systematic change in the values, attitudes and beliefs of a company's employees through the creation and reinforcement of medium- or long-term training programs.

What is ATD Certification?

ATD Certification. The ATD Certification Institute (ATD CI) is an independent organization created by ATD to take the lead and set industry standards for the talent development profession. We offer two credentials based on the ATD Competency Model.

What is talent development process?

Talent development often refers to the process by which management and high level professionals at a business are trained and coached to become more effective managers and leaders. While this term can be used to refer to any type of professional development within a company, it is often reserved for higher level employees and officers.

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