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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of associationism?

Associationism. Associationism is the idea that mental processes operate by the association of one mental state with its successor states. It holds that all mental processes are made up of discrete psychological elements and their combinations, which are believed to be made up of sensations or simple feelings.

What is the associationist approach to psychology?

Thus the Associationists combine associationism with psychological hedonism in their psychology of actions. They explain all mental processes by the one process of association. They study the laws of association, and try to reduce them to a single law. Associationism dominated the psychology of the early nineteenth century.

What is the associationist view of ideas?

In its original empiricist context, it was a reaction against the Platonic philosophy of innate ideas that determined, rather than derived from, experience. Instead, the associationists proposed that ideas originated in experience, entering the mind through the senses and undergoing certain associative operations.

What is the context theory of associationism?

Many associationists attempted to solve the problem with what Titchener named the context theory: one perception or idea has no meaning, at least in the case of new ideas, but meaning arises from the context of related images that gather about the original presentation. How this came about was never satisfactorily explained.

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