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Frequently Asked Questions

What is associationism in psychology?

Associationism in psychology, is a theory which states that all our senses and ideas are grouped up into a number of associations in our minds, which help us in our mental process to think, understand and evaluate things. This theory has its own concepts and laws which have been contributed by many psychologists over the years. Did you know?

What is associative theory in psychology?

ASSOCIATIONISM. n. the theory that complex mental processes, such as thinking, learning, and memory, can be mainly explained by the associative links that connect ideas, according to specific laws and principles (see association of ideas ). Although Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BCE) cited some of these laws (similarity, difference,...

Who made the theory of associationism popular?

► It was David Hartley, an English physician who made the theory of associationism popular through his book ‘Observations of Man’. Therefore, this idea which is known as associationism successfully explains our whole source of psychic activity. Like it? Share it!

What would a pure associationist look for in a theory?

The pure associationist will want a theory that covers not just acquisition and cognitive structure, but also the transition between thoughts. Associative transitions are a particular type of thinking, akin to what William James called “The Stream of Thought” (James 1890).

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