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Frequently Asked Questions

What is associative learning theory?

Associative learning is a type of learning principle based on the assumption that ideas and experiences reinforce one another and can be linked. Abramson (1994) defines the concept as a form of behavior modification involving the association of two or more events, such as between two stimuli, or between a stimulus and a response.

What does associationalism mean?

Associationalism is a European political theory, stemming from 19th and early 20th century social and political theorists from the continent. In France, such political thinkers as de Tocqueville, Proudhon, Durkheim, and Duguit. In England, such pluralists as Cole, Figgis, Laski, Barker, and Maitland.

What are the types of associative learning?

There are two types of associative learning: classical (Pavlovian) conditioning and instrumental conditioning (sometimes used interchangeably albeit incorrectly with operant conditioning).

What is associationism in psychology?

Associationism is the idea that mental processes operate by the association of one mental state with its successor states.

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