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Frequently Asked Questions

What is associationism?

Associationism, in its original form as in Hume (1738/1975), was put forward as a theory of mental processes. Associationists’ attempt to answer the question of how many mental processes there are by positing only a single mental process: the ability to associate ideas.

What are the problems of associationist theory?

For example, problems of productivity, compositionality, and systematicity for associationist theorizing appear to be variants of the problem of predication (for more on these specific issues see the entries on the Language of Thought Hypothesis and on compositionality ).

What is the difference between psychology and associationism?

associationism- (psychology) a theory that association is the basic principle of mental activity association theory scientific theory- a theory that explains scientific observations; "scientific theories must be falsifiable" psychological science, psychology- the science of mental life

How many types of associationism are there?

These four types of associationism share a certain empiricist spiritual similarity, but are logically, and empirically, separable.

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