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Frequently Asked Questions

Why begin your career with Aster?

Beginning your career journey with Aster is your first step on an incredible pathway, there are unlimited ways that you will be able to gain new skills, master expertise and give you the chance to change the world of healthcare and make a real difference in the community.

What should I know about Aster DM Healthcare’s recruitment process?

The company’s name and logo are often featured on the documentation without authority. Kindly note that Aster DM Healthcare (and/or its group companies) follows a formal recruitment process through its own HR department and does not outsource the selection of prospective employees to any individuals or agencies.

What is the Aster Foundation?

Aster Foundation. The Aster Foundation was created by us to give something back. It’s the work we choose to do over and above our landlord and development activities. We know we can make the most difference to our customers and local people by helping them to discover and grow their digital skills, supporting individuals through financial...

What is Aster’s investment in Kasaragod?

Aster will be investing around Rs. 140 crores on the proposed tertiary care hospital which will be situated in the Kasaragod district of Kerala, catering to patients from Malabar and Southern Karnataka. Aster aims to begin its operations at the new hospital in FY25.

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