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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Asuka Langley soryuu?

Synopsis: Shy and introverted Asuka Langley Soryuu is finally coming to Tokyo-3 to join the secretive organization known as NERV, headed by Dr. Yui Ikari. Along the way she'll meet a boy her age named Shinji who has both confidence and powers far beyond those of mortal men — and she'll learn that she's far from ordinary herself.

What happened to Misato and Asuka?

Asuka and Shinji work some things out on their own as Misato is away on business and won't be back for awhile. Disclaimer: Gainax and Tatsunoko own Neon Genesis Evangelion, I do not. This is purely for entertainment.

How old was Asuka when she was sent to Japan?

With Cold War tensions rising, an eighteen-year-old Asuka is sent by the CIA to Japan under the assumption of being a replacement of the First Child, Rei Ikari. Asuka will have to confront an eighteen-year-old Shinji, who follows his father in order to please him.

How would you describe Asuka's personality?

Asuka practically ripped you up off the bench, so hard your stomach dropped and the air was swept from your lungs. In seconds your once peaceful view was replaced with an angry, albeit pretty, face. Furious and narrowed blue eyes pierced through your placid armour and left you quaking.

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