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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Asuka Shikinami's name mean?

Asuka Shikinami's name is spelt 式波, meaning something like "ceremonial waves" or "ritual waves" while the warship's name is 敷波, meaning "spreading waves". The reason for the change isn't clear, especially since the change in Kanji makes the name somewhat nonsensical.

Why is Asuka the test pilot for Eva-03?

In Rei's case (who Shikinami refers to as "Commander's pet" during the film), Asuka decides to be the test pilot for the ill-fated Eva-03so Rei can hold her dinner party in an effort to bring Shinji and Gendo closer. Asuka being absorbed into the 9th Angel's core.

What does Asuka think of Rei and Shinji?

She considers both Rei and Shinji to be rivals in Eva piloting (additionally, Rei as a romantic rival, although Rei makes no acknowledgment of this), but gradually warms up to them over the course of the film. In Shinji's case, Asuka allows Shinji to call her by her first name (although she refers to him "stupid Shinji" in place of "Daddy's boy").

What plug suit does Asuka wear?

Asuka is depicted wearing the fan-favorite Test Type Plugsuit from when she piloted Eva 03! From the orange see-through area, to the minute cables and other fine details, this is a total redesign from the traditional pluguit!

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