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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is more annoying Soryu or Shikinami?

Watched all of it, then End of Evangelion. In my opinion Soryu is a lot more bratty and annoying than Shikinami. I had already declared Asuka overall as best girl before watching NGE and while watching the original show, there were times that tested my original proposal...

Why was Asuka Langley Soryu added to the show?

Staff originally inserted her after the first six episodes to lighten the tones of the series. She was presented with an exhilarating personality without foreshadowing her eventual depressing moments in the latter half.

Is the skin of Asuka Langley the same color as Rei Ayanami?

Despite her multi-ethnic origins, the staff made Asuka's skin the same color as that of Rei Ayanami.

How did Asuka Shikinami change in Evangelion 3.0?

In Evangelion 3.0, Asuka Shikinami appears to have been physically altered either by here contact with the Angel inside Eva-03, or else the unspecified Curse of Eva . Asuka has apparently not aged at all in the 14 years since Third Impact. She is seen to be able to crack the glass in the interrogation room with her fist.

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