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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Asurion replace with new phone?

Asurion insurance does not guarantee a brand new device. It is a like new, new, or refurbished phone, depending what they have in Stock. You can contact asurion again and tell them the replacement is not acceptable of its not working correctly or if you want a different device.

How do I cancel Asurion?

You may be able to cancel your claim, by contacting Asurion with your claim ID or the wireless number associated with the device. Canceling a claim will depend on the terms and conditions of the policy you purchased. Most policies will allow for a claim to be canceled if reported within a few days.

What is Asurion wireless insurance?

Asurion is a provider of wireless handset insurance and wireless roadside assistance programs. The company also offers data-backup services through wireless carriers in the USA. Asurion has offices in Nashville, Kansas City, Bridgewater, Sterling, San Mateo, Houston, Atlanta, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, London, Paris, and Japan.

How is Asurion as a company?

Asurion is a handset insurance company providing technology protection services to user contents, software, wireless and wired handsets. The Company replaces defunct cell phones and other tech equipment and also provides specialty services such as roadside assistance to stranded motorists via their wireless phones.

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