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Frequently Asked Questions

How many shares are shorted on the ASX?

Short Position the total number of the ASIC reported shorts of financial products under an individual ASX code.

When did the ASIC short position report come out?

Date Report SPR (PDF) Report SPR (CSV) 25 Jun 25-6-2010 25-6-2010 28 Jun 28-6-2010 28-6-2010 29 Jun 29-6-2010 29-6-2010 30 Jun 30-6-2010 30-6-2010 7 more rows ...

How does a short seller report to ASIC?

A short seller may lodge their own short position reports or may authorise a submitting entity to lodge short position reports on their behalf. ASIC will receive all short position reports via Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol ‘position report’ messages.

Who is responsible for aggregated short position report?

No responsibility is accepted for any inaccuracies contained in the matter published. It is important to note that ASIC’s aggregated short position reports are reliant on the accuracy of reports that ASIC receive from individual short sellers.

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