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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ataataaps?

ATAAPS is a web-based data entry application, functioning with the use of exception-based logic, that allows employees to enter time and attendance information while selecting and charging time to the associated job order/task (i.e leave, overtime, comptime, wellness, etc.).

What is Air Force ataaps?

ATAAPS is the online system where DOD (Army, Air Force, and USMC) Civilian personnel input their time and submit leave forms. Here are the primary links for Air Force ATAAPS: Loading... Be the first to like this.

What is the training window for ataaps?

Training Certificate (only Certifier & Timekeeper) Training Instructions Please read the ENTIRE Training carefully! Everyone should be aware of the other Roles Responsibilities. ATAAPS Timeline Employee T&A input & concur COB every 2nd Tuesday Even if you are a certifier ;) Certification Window is 2nd Tuesday Noon to 2nd Wednesday at Noon

How to update T&A in ataaps?

Upon written acknowledgement by employees supervisor attesting actual T&A performed the timekeeper can update T&A in ATAAPS Once T&A is updated time can be certified Leave a comment! ATAAPS Error Flags Conflict between hours reported and supporting documentation: Missing leave/premium request Leave/premium request does not match labor reported 100%

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