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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Atarax and Vistaril?

Atarax is Hydroxyzine HCL and Vistaril is Hydroxyzine Pamoate. They are different salt forms of the same antihistamine (Hydroxyzine). Both forms can be prescribed for itching or anxiety, though some prescribers believe Vistaril to be better for anxiety.

What is the maximum daily dosage of hydroxyzine?

This dose is then divided into 3 or 4 doses to be taken spaced out throughout the day. The maximum daily dose of hydroxyzine for this group is 80 mg per day. Use an oral syringe to measure each dose of the liquid, as it gives a more accurate measurement than household teaspoons.

Is Vistaril a psychotropic medication?

Vistaril is used as a sedative to treat anxiety and tension. It is also used together with other medications given during and after general anesthesia. Vistaril is also used to treat allergic skin reactions such as hives or contact dermatitis.

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