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Frequently Asked Questions

Which sport has the best athletes?

Athletes: The Definitive List Basketball: Michael Jordan. Six NBA Finals appearances, six titles, six MVPs. ... Football: Joe Montana. ... Baseball: Babe Ruth. ... Soccer: Pelé. ... Tennis: Serena Williams. ... Boxing: Muhammad Ali. ... Wrestling: Ric Flair. ... MMA: Anderson Silva. ...

Which sport requires the most athleticism?

As you can see boxing ends up being the sport which required the most athleticism. Boxing needs a great deal of endurance, strength, power, nerve (control), durability, and hand-eye coordination—it scored 7 or over in all of these categories.

Which sport is more athletic?

Some people say the most athletic sport is soccer because of the amount you run, others say it's football because of the skill and size you must posses to be good at football, some even say it is baseball because of it's difficulty. So what really is the most athletic sport? Many people say the most athletic sport is soccer.

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