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Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees does Atmos Energy have?

Atmos Energy's key executives are Karen E. Hartsfield, Richard K. Gordon and Kim R. Cocklin. How many employees does Atmos Energy have? Atmos Energy has 4,776 employees. What is Atmos Energy revenue? Latest Atmos Energy annual revenue is $2.9 b.

Is gas energy renewable?

Renewable natural gas is a subset of synthetic natural gas or substitute natural gas (SNG). ... Renewable natural gas can be produced economically and distributed via the existing gas grid, making it an attractive means of supplying existing premises with renewable heat and renewable gas energy, while requiring no extra capital outlay of the customer.

What is Atlanta natural gas?

Atlanta Gas Light is one of the largest natural gas undertaking in United States and it was initiated in the year 1856 and its headquarters is located in Atlanta, United States. Atlanta Gas Light is prominent natural gas service undertaking and it is thoroughly supplying the gas connections to the residents of Atlanta with thorough connotation.

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