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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean for an atom to have a charge?

An atom has no charge. The number (and charge) of protons in atom's nucleus is balanced by the electrons orbiting the nucleus. If it had charge it would be called an ion. In an ion there is no balance between the number of protons and electrons.

How do you determine the charge of an atom?

To calculate the charge of an ion ,The atomic number of the ion will be equal the number of protons in it. If an ion losses two electrons then it's charge is +2 .If the atom recieves an electron then it's charge is -1.

What are the formal charges for each atom?

Formal charges are charges we assign to eachatom in a Lewis structure. This is not to be confused with the net charge of an ion. For example, the nitrate ion, NO3 −has a net charge of −1. The N atom has a formal charge of +1 and each oxygen atom that is singly-bonded to N has a formal charge of −1.

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