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Frequently Asked Questions

Which components of an atom are found outside of the nucleus?

The nucleus, that dense central core of the atom, contains both protons and neutrons. Electrons are outside the nucleus in energy levels. Protons have a positive charge, neutrons have no charge, and electrons have a negative charge. A neutral atom contains equal numbers of protons and electrons.

What two things does the nucleus of an atom hold?

The neutrons and protons are in the nucleus, and they give an atom most of its mass, and positive charge. The electrons are negatively charged, and surround the nucleus to balance the charge, but there is a huge empty space between the nucleus and the electrons.

Is the nucleus the largest part of the atom?

The largest part of the atom is made up of a nucleus compromised of protons and neutrons, which occur in equal numbers for all atoms, excluding hydrogen. The electrons of an atom are not attached to the nucleus.

What is atomic particals occupy the nucleus of an atom?

The nucleus of an atom consists of neutrons and protons , which in turn are the manifestation of more elementary particles, called quarks, that are held in association by the nuclear strong force in certain stable combinations of hadrons, called baryons.

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