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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate the volume of an atom?

Use the mathematical formula for the volume of a sphere to calculate the volume of the atom. The mathematical formula for the volume of a sphere is the fraction four-thirds multiplied by Pi, which is then multiplied by the cubic radius of the atom.

What makes up the majority of the volume of an atom?

Although each atom is made up of different-sized particles, the majority of the space, or volume, of each atom consists of its electron cloud. However, among the three molecules present, the neutrons are the largest and the atom's nucleus makes up 99.9 percent of its total mass.

What accounts for most of the volume in an atom?

Protons and neutrons account for most of an atom's mass. These subatomic particles are found in the nucleus of the atom, where they form nucleons.

Does an atom have a volume?

atom is the combination of proton ,electron and neutron. we can assume it's volume is mostly negligible but we can't say it no have volume. so it is hypothetical.we have just taken assumption.

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