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Frequently Asked Questions

What is atomic chess?

Atomic chess is a chess variant. Standard rules of chess apply, but all captures result in an explosion through which all surrounding white and black pieces other than pawns are removed from play.

How do you capture the other king in atomic chess?

In Atomic the kings can be connected by moving one into the adjacent squares of the other side’s king. When the kings are connected, checks do not apply. As it is illegal for a capture to blow up your own king, it is not possible to capture the other king directly.

What is the best response to Nf3 in atomic chess?

A common response to 1.Nf3 in chess is 1...d5. In atomic chess this leads to a forced loss after 2.Ne5, threatening Nxf7. After either 2...f6 or 2...f5 White can play 3.Nd7. White's knight cannot be taken by any piece because of its proximity to Black's king, and Black cannot stop 4.Nxf8.

Can a king capture another king in an atomic endgame?

A common scenario in atomic endgames is to have two kings on adjacent squares. As a player cannot intentionally blow up his or her own king, a king can never capture another piece, including another king. Similarly, because a capture affects all adjacent squares, one king cannot be captured directly if it means destruction of the other.

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