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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules in chess?

The following are some of the rules and guidelines for check and checkmate in chess: Getting out of check. If you are in check, the rules of chess state that you must move your King to a square out of harm’s way on your next move; that is, you can never end your turn with the King in check.

What are atomic values?

An atomic value is a value that cannot be divided. For example, in the table shown below, the values in the [Color] column in the first row can be divided into "red" and "green", hence [TABLE_PRODUCT] is not in 1NF. A repeating group means that a table contains two or more columns that are closely related.

What is a sentence for atomic theory?

An atomic sentence is an atomic formula containing no variables. It follows that an atomic sentence contains no logical connectives, variables or quantifiers. A sentence consisting of one or more sentences and a logical connective is a compound (or molecular sentence).

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