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Frequently Asked Questions

Does carbon and oxygen have the same atomic mass?

Carbon 12 was chosen because the chemical atomic weights based on C12 are almost identical to the chemical atomic weights based on the natural mix of oxygen. Because no other nuclides other than carbon-12 have exactly whole-number masses on this scale.

What is the relative atomic mass of carbon?

Carbon is taken as the standard atom and has a relative atomic mass (Ar) of 12. Atoms with an Ar of less than this have a smaller mass than a carbon atom. Atoms with an Ar that is more than this have a larger mass than a carbon atom.

How to find AMU in chemistry?

How To Find Amu In Chemistry The absolute masses of the individual atoms of substances are extremely small. The calculation of amu in chemistry is used in order to avoid chemical calculations with the very small numerical values of the absolute atomic masses, a ratio was introduced the relative atomic mass and the absolute masses are compared ...

What is the formula for atomic mass?

Which means one atom is given a relative atomic mass of exactly 12. Atomic mass is not reported with units. The formula for atomic mass is given below. Atomic mass = Mass of protons + Mass of neutrons + Mass of electrons.

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