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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do guys have atoms Apple?

The Adam’s apple is actually a chunk of bony cartilage that surrounds the larynx, i.e., the voice box. The reason it’s more prominent in men than in women is because during puberty, a man’s voice box tends to grow in size (much more than in women), so a noticeable bump appears right in the middle of the throat.

What is another word for "Adam's Apple"?

Synonyms for Adam's apple include butterfly gardenia, carnation of India, coffee rose, crape jasmine, crepe gardenia, East Indian rosebay, laryngeal prominence, Nero's crown, pinwheel flower and Tabernaemontana coronaria. Find more similar words at!

Why does my Adams Apple hurt?

Pain in the Adam’s apple can be caused by several issues, most of which are not serious. The most common cause of painful Adam’s apple is a sore throat. Other sources might include tension or stress on the muscles that surround the area, which might result from a sporting injury.

Why do Adams Apples exist?

Men have an Adam's apple on the grounds that their larynx (additionally called the "voice-box"), which contains the vocal cords is bigger in men than in women. It is really the thyroid ligament, which makes up a piece of the larynx, that projects it from the front of the neck framing the breakable "throat cartilage.'.

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