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Frequently Asked Questions

How are points earned in tennis?

Point (tennis) A point can consist of a double fault by the server, in which case it is won by the receiver; otherwise, it begins with a legal serve by one side's server to the receiver on the other, and continues until one side fails to make a legal return to the other, losing the point. Four points win a game, counted as 15 (1 point),...

What does ATP mean in tennis?

The acronym ATP stands for the Association of Tennis Professionals. The ATP organizes the worldwide men's tennis tour and protects the interests of male professional players.

What is ATP ranking in tennis?

The ATP Rankings are the objective merit-based method used by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for determining the qualification for entry as well as the seeding of players in all singles and doubles tournaments.

How does a tennis player' ATP ranking determined?

In men's tennis, the rankings formula is determined by calculating, for each player, his total points from the majors - the Australian, French and US opens and Wimbledon - plus eight mandatory Masters 1000 tournaments, and his best six results from all ATP Tour 500, ATP Tour 250, Challenger Tour and Futures tournaments.

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