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Frequently Asked Questions

What is storageauction net?

Using the system ensures that the dignity of the live auction, as well as the dignity of the storage facility is also never compromised. The urgency factor created by this system creates fiercer competition by making auctions available to more buyers, increase the seller’s auction profits.

What is the best online storage auction site?’s always free registration and free auction listing services for storage facility managers, live auction organizers, and third party sellers provides auction sellers the best new online auction option available. Find storage auctions anywhere in the United States.

Who is US auctions?

We advertise in ... US Auctions was formed by a team of individuals who have been actively involved in the auction industry for over 55 years. Led by Armando Camarena, who began his career in 1988, he has conducted auctions across the United States, from salesman to Senior Vice President of a large auction, to owner of US Auctions. Mr.

Why list auctions with storageauctions?

With the ability for sellers to list auctions both locally and nationally, makes it easier than ever for buyers to diversify their auction purchasing and reselling strategy, enabling them to maximize their resale success and ultimately their profits.

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