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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kallmeyer – Schroff auctions?

In 1969 the 4th generation, Roy Schroff (nephew of Joy Kallmeyer and grandson of William Kallmeyer) was employed. Shortly thereafter came the name Kallmeyer – Schroff Auctions. They received numerous civic honors as well as advertising excellence awards at the State & National levels.

Who is Schroff Auctions LLC?

The spring of 2003 brought about another name change, Schroff Auctions LLC, as Roy Schroff purchased the second half of the auction business from his uncle (Partner), Joy Kallmeyer as Joy semi-retired. In 2009 Lucas Schneider came to work for the Schroffs and worked for them for the next several years.

Where is Schneider auctioneers LLC located?

Schneider Auctioneers LLC is an estate sale company located in Berger,Missouri.Schneider Auctioneers LLC features professionally conducted estate sales and liquidations. Schneider Auctioneers LLC-Berger-Missouri Upcoming Sales

Where can I auction for Labor Day weekend?

We have all your needs in this auction for a great Labor Day weekend. Dyson, DeWalt, Porter CableCome get your Mowers, Tubes, Patio accessories, Bug zappers, Fi... Equip-Bid Auctions Inc | North Kansas City, MO.

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