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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get errors in audacity for Windows?

From DLL file errors to “Error opening sound device”, here are how to solve the most common errors in the Audacity for Windows app. This error message usually pops up as a result of an error in either your playback device settings, hardware problem or issues with your recording device.

What to do if audacity doesn't work on new device?

If you do find a new device displayed, right click on the new-found device and navigate to “properties”. On the properties dialogue, navigate to “device usage” and select “enable/use this device”. Click OK and close all the open windows. Re-open the Audacity app and see if it runs fine.

Why is audacity not downloading in my browser?

Audacity will not download properly if the browser you're using is a lower or older version. And it may also cause security issues since an older version of browser may have security problems. Free download link not working - common issue we usually meet is clicking links that are not reliable.

What can I do with the audacity app?

Audacity is a free app that allows VoIP users to create custom greeting and announcements for Auto Attendants and on-hold messaging. Its multi-track capability allows mixing, fading and adding of background music, as well as combining tracks into mono or stereo files in a variety of audio formats.

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