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Frequently Asked Questions

How to record computer audio with Audacity software?

Audacity Audio Recording. 1. How to record computer sound with Audacity. Follow the steps below to record the playback on your computer and create a high-quality audio file. Step 1 Launch Audacity. After you installed the program, launch it on your computer. (Click here to download Audacity) Step 2 Set up for mono/stereo audio recording

How do you add a track in audacity?

Click the Project tab on the menu bar. 2. Select "Add label track" from the pull-down menu. A blank label track, similar in appearance to an audio track, will appear in the editing timeline.

Which is the default recording behavior in audacity?

This append recording is the default recording behavior in Audacity. When you click the Record button on Transport Toolbar (or use the shortcut R ) Audacity will record at the end of the currently selected, or only, track, or will create a new track if you currently have no tracks.

How do you add a label in audacity?

Add a Text Label to the Label Track. Click on the location inside the audio track to be marked with a text label. A blue line marking the selected location will be visible inside the audio track. Click the Project tab on the menu bar and select the option "Add label at selection" from the pull-down menu.

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