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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you add a track in audacity?

Click the Project tab on the menu bar. 2. Select "Add label track" from the pull-down menu. A blank label track, similar in appearance to an audio track, will appear in the editing timeline.

What do you do with labels in audacity?

Labels can be used for textual annotation and are commonly used when exporting multiple files from a single track. Creates a Time Track that can progressively increase or decrease playback speed (and pitch) of all audio tracks in the project.

Which is the default recording behavior in audacity?

This append recording is the default recording behavior in Audacity. When you click the Record button on Transport Toolbar (or use the shortcut R ) Audacity will record at the end of the currently selected, or only, track, or will create a new track if you currently have no tracks.

How do you remove track markers in audacity?

Delete the label marker. Click and drag to select the text inside the label marker, click the Project tab, and select "Remove tracks" from the pull-down menu. The label marker has been removed. Remove the label track by clicking the "x" located on the far left side of the label track.

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