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Which is the best definition of the word audacity?

While all these words mean "conspicuous or flagrant boldness," audacity implies a disregard of restraints commonly imposed by convention or prudence. an entrepreneur with audacity and vision.

Which is an example of the word gall?

temerity, audacity, hardihood, effrontery, nerve, cheek, gall, chutzpah mean conspicuous or flagrant boldness. Examples of gall in a Sentence. It galls me that such a small group of people can have so much power.

What is the meaning of gall entry 4?

Note: Latin galla cannot be akin to gall entry 4 if the latter does in fact descend from Indo-European *ǵholH-, and in any case the basic meaning of galla appears to be "excrescence" rather than "sore, blight."

Which is an example of the audacity of Icarus?

Recent Examples on the Web And especially the one with the audacity of Icarus, who alighted on the leader of the free world before being swatted down for its hubris. — Washington Post, 22 June 2021 Ja Morant’s audacity has no limits, but Rudy Gobert tried to prove otherwise. — Matt Eppers, USA TODAY, 27 May 2021

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