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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best word for audacity in Tamil?

Tairiyam. More Tamil words for audacity. தைரியம். Tairiyam courage, boldness, bravery, mettle, spineless. துணிவு. Tuṇivu manhood, daring, valiancy, valour. போக்கிரித்தனம்.

Which is the latest version of Audacity software?

Audacity is free software and developed by volunteers. Audacity for Windows Windows 10/8/7/Vista (XP support has officially been dropped) Audacity for Mac OS X / macOS Mac OS X/macOS 10.7 and later. Audacity for GNU/Linux Source code. Online safety when downloading. Latest Version: 2.3.2.

Is there a way to download audacity for free?

Although there are a number of sellers of Audacity software on ebay, Amazon, Microsoft Store and Apple Store, none of these sellers are affiliated to Audacity, and none have contributed in any way to the Audacity project. Audacity is free software. To build Audacity yourself, download the source code.

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