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Frequently Asked Questions

What does latency mean on Audacity audio recorder?

Latencyrefers to the delay between the time the audio enters the computer and the time Audacity is able to record it to a track. For example, if you are recording a keyboard track, latency is the delay between the time you strike a key and the time that note is recorded.

How do you find the mic delay on Audacity?

Click to select the "Length" radio button, and click on the arrow button in the "Length" field's menu box. Select the "hh:mm:ss + milliseconds" option from the context menu that appears. The "Length" field will display the latency in your selection in milliseconds -- write down this number.

Why does audacity have so much lag between takes?

The lag will always be there. When recording music, everything must be in perfect time. Even if a recording is off by as little as 5 milliseconds between takes, your ear will hear it. So what do you do? You compensate for it with a latency test and then adjust to suit. Audacity has a whole page dedicated to this to show how it's done.

What are the settings for recording on Audacity?

On the Recording tab, set the following settings:  Play other tracks while recording (overdub)checked.  Software playthrough of inputnot checked. In Audacity by default using the Record button will append record onto your existing track, see the Recordingpage.

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